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Part Time Job

Part-time work can provide a supplemental income with flexible hours and rewarding experiences.

Full Time Job

A callboy job can offer a full-time earning potential that is financially rewarding and stable.

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How To join Call Boy job in Vijayawada ?

To come to be a callboy, one generally wishes to own correct communication abilties, physical beauty, and a professional attitude. building a good on-line presence, joining escort organizations, and networking can assist establish a client base and make sure safety in the profession.


Create ID & Verify

Create a callboy identity by giving all genuine info.


Get Membership Plan

Choose the membership plan with the help of crypto


Meet the Client

After your profile is created you will receive calls from clients


Get Paid from Client

After the meeting with the client get paid through crypto

// Why choose Call boy Job ?

3 Reasons for choosing

Call boy job in Vijayawada

A call boy makes money by giving their clients friendship, closeness, and by satisfying their cravings. If you are aware of the specialisations and benefits of call boys, you can join them for various shifts.

Call Boy job Salary

A call boy's compensation is typically higher at night than it is during other shifts. This is due to the fact that client demand is stronger at night than it is during other working hours.

Call Boy Sex Job

As compare to other jobs, the call boy sex job demand is higher. While most callboys work all shifts, the majority of them are night shift workers because that is when demand for callboys is highest.


If the clients would be satisfied with your performance. After that, they can book you for a full day of service. You'll make two to three times as much money in rewards as in other shifts.

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How to Create your call boy

job ID ?

Being a call boy comes with many special perks that might interest people looking for a flexible and well-paying job. Whether it's financial stability or personal development, the call boy profession provides a variety of benefits to suit different preferences and goals.

"Caution: Beware of fraudulent claims! While some websites may guarantee meeting arrangements, remember, no one can assure success—it ultimately depends on the client."

// Advantages of our service

Benefits of our

Call boy job

Personalized companionship and intimate experiences provided by callboy professionals.


Verified Escort Profiles

Call boy job offers genuine and verified people individuals engaging in close relationships, rapid satisfaction, and experiences that are fulfilling for both parties.


Verified Client Profiles

Callboy job offer thrilling experiences, lucrative rewards, and life-changing encounters with verified clients. Explore an exciting opportunity for financial growth and genuine connections.


No Hidden Charges

Working as a call boy for the entire day offers opportunities for lifelong friendships, enjoyable activities, and excellent money with no additional fees.


Reviews System

The satisfied client gives a five-star rating to the call boy they met, providing genuine feedback and sharing many positive experiences with call boys.


Crypto Payments

Quick, cross-border transactions; lower costs; financial inclusion; decentralized; privacy and security; no middlemen; worldwide accessibility; 24/7 availability.

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in Vijayawada

We are delighted to introduce our exceptional roster of Callboys who are ready to provide you with an unforgettable companionship experience. Each of our escorts possesses unique qualities and is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and enjoyment.


Freequently Asked Question

  • What is a Call Boy?

    A Callboy is a professional companion who provides services tailored to the needs and desires of individuals seeking companionship, emotional connection.

  • What services do callboys provide?

    Intimate connections, emotional assistance, travel companionship, social companionship, and occasionally even professional services are just a few of the services that callboys provide.

  • Are callboys only for sexual encounters?

    No, callboys offer more services than just sex. Others concentrate on companionship, emotional connection, and being a supporting presence for clients, while some may offer intimate experiences.

  • Is confidentiality guaranteed when engaging a callboy?

    Client privacy and confidentiality are given top priority by reputable callboys. They know how important it is to protect their clients' privacy and provide a secure environment.

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